We follow the principals of Hive Manufacturing, in which new product ideas are incubated, producing new product lines (and new business sectors) approximately every 3 years.

Fine Furniture Frames is the latest product of this process. Some of our product / businesses are
Raging River Counterworks, Eon Designs, Woodwind Caravans, and Norwich Croquet Company:
INTEGRITY, JOINERY, and LONGEVITY. This is the lynch pin of our woodworking philosophy and the guiding principle of Fine Furniture Frames & Furniture for the Art of Living.

Trees bend and flex in response to natural forces like snow, wind, and rain. And if the stress becomes too great, the limbs break, always where the limb branches off the trunk.

Furniture built from solid wood responds in the same way. When someone sits on a bench, it ought to flex a little. A table should have a little "give" to accommodate the uneven floor.

Consider this: antique furniture isn't a little wobbly because it's old, it's old ( and has survived) because it was designed to be a little wobbly! Furniture that is designed to be rigid becomes wobbly in time when the joints fail due to stress. And then it breaks. Two very different conditions.

Most trees don't live to be 100 years old before they begin to rot at the heart. Furthermore, a 100 year old tree here in New England will yield only a few 12" wide boards. Our commitment is to honor these trees that gave us this lumber with a second life equal to the first!
All of our furniture is warrantied for as long you own it.
Fine Furniture Frames
                                  is a division of One & Co., Inc., a corporation that we started over 20 years ago. One & Co. provides the administrative, sales, marketing, and manufacturing resources for a wide variety of wood product designs for very different markets - all under one roof.
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