Rustic 3-Panel Wall Frame
Shaker Wall Frame
Eiffel Easel Floor Frame
Portal Floor Frame
Sideboard 3-pc. Back
Sentry Table
House Power Wall
Sideboard Large Back
Single Sideboard
Sentry Easel Back Table
Sentry Art Back Table
Southwest Wall Frame
Fine Furniture Frames embody our philosophy of "Integrity, Joinery, Longevity."

These solid wood frames are designed with simple sliding dovetails joints that allow the legs to slide onto the frame.

Tabletops slide in from the side, dovetailing into the "birdsmouth" opening at the top of the legs. This (then) forms a completely integrated table frame; simple yet elegant!

The "Artback" element nests neatly between the two rear legs, bolting solidly & invisibly to the frame base.

Frames may be enhanced with:
for the Love of Art
12 Volt LED Lighting
Bluetooth Speakers
NiCad Battery (rechargeable)
USB Charging Port
Solar Panel (where applicable)
Frames for the Love of Art
Furniture for the Art of Living
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